The wonders of Biofilta FoodCubes: Ultimate solution for efficient urban gardening

As urban gardening continues to captivate the interest of environmentally-conscious individuals across Australia, WinterGardenz Australia proudly introduces the Biofilta FoodCube, an innovative solution that epitomizes water conservation and sustainability. The FoodCube is not just a product; it's a revolution in urban agriculture, designed to cater to both avid gardeners and novices looking to make the most out of limited spaces.

Efficient water usage with wicking bed technology

The FoodCube stands out with its advanced wicking bed system, which ensures that plants receive the precise amount of water they need. By incorporating a large water reservoir and unique wicking cones, the FoodCube minimizes water wastage, making it ideal for Australia's harsh climate. This system allows gardeners to save significant time and resources by reducing the frequency of watering.

Design and sustainability

Each FoodCube, measuring 1150mm x 1150mm x 500mm, offers a substantial growing area, making it possible to cultivate a diverse range of vegetables and herbs. The depth of the growing area, along with the innovative soil cones, ensures that plants have ample space to flourish. Constructed from 80% recycled, food-grade plastic, the FoodCube not only supports your gardening ambitions but also champions environmental sustainability.

Connecting your garden

One of the most remarkable features of the FoodCube is its ability to connect multiple units. This modular approach allows you to expand your garden horizontally and vertically, creating a comprehensive system that can scale from a single residential setup to an expansive urban farm. The included 90mm joining tube makes these connections seamless, integrating effortlessly with your existing downpipes or rainwater collection systems.

Safety and installation

It's important to note that due to its substantial capacity, a fully set-up FoodCube can weigh up to 400 kilograms. This necessitates a thorough assessment of the installation surface, particularly if placed on balconies or elevated structures. Ensuring that your setup can support this weight is crucial for safety and stability.

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Biofilta FoodCube
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