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Assembly guide: Building your WinterGardenz greenhouse with ease

We send out an instruction manual with our greenhouses, and we are also in the process of compiling some videos (below) of various parts of the assembly because sometimes it's just easier to watch a quick video!  To give you a rough idea of time, it usually takes 2 people about a day to put up an 8x8ft greenhouse, if they've never built one before. 

The rubber can be a little time consuming, but getting it soaked with warm soapy water really helps get it in the channels.  You can either soak it in a bucket as you're working, or use a bottle of warm soapy water to spray as you go.  Put some good tunes on and rubber away!

If you prefer not to install the greenhouse yourself, we can also help you source a builder.  We may not always have someone in your area but let us know and we will see what we can find for you.  

If you are getting a large greenhouse (8x16, 10x12, 10x16 and up, for example) and you don't have much building experience or patience, it may be more worthwhile for you to pay someone else to do the assembly.  

A few pointers:  If you are doing a 12ft length glasshouse, it's a good idea to run a strap between the B02 braces in the eaves before putting in the glass in the sides and roof, and also if you rubber as you go that will stabilize the overall structure.  12ft is the longest single-length we sell and the weight of the glass can be quite heavy so it is important to support it while building.

While there is more than one way to skin a cat, some of the steps here need to be followed in a specific order.  For example, the S03 hex-heads can only go in before the base corners are attached.  If you are getting a side wall louvre, it needs to be built into the side wall as you are building it (otherwise you will need to partly disassemble to get it in).  Make sure you get the beading strips (L606) in place before putting in the glazing.  With glass, make sure it's hard up against the inside of the L606 beading strip and put your bottom rubber in first, then the sides.  If you spend 30min or so reviewing the instructions and the videos we have here, and checking you have all your parts, you will find it easier than if you just jump into it.  And don't forget to stop and take a tea break now and then!

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