Collection: Australia’s leading polycarbonate greenhouse

WinterGardenz 6mm twin-wall polycarbonate greenhouses are the best polycarbonate greenhouses on the market.  We only use the highest-quality polycarbonate that is UV-coated on both sides.  Backed with a 10-year warranty, you don't have to worry about panel blowouts or broken panels.  While poly won't last forever like our toughened safety glass, it does have other benefits like better thermal insulation and protection from harsh UV rays.  Polycarbonate is also a little easier on the wallet.  With 21 different kitset sizes to choose from, we can help you find the perfect size greenhouse to get you growing!

Discover Australia’s top polycarbonate greenhouse from Winter Gardenz. Available with a variety of features and in a range of sizes and designed by a skilled, knowledgeable team, we have a polycarbonate greenhouse for everyone.

High quality polycarbonate greenhouse range

Here at Winter Gardenz, we have taken great care to design our greenhouses to protect your plants against Australia’s harsh and unpredictable weather conditions.  We thoughtfully craft each element of our greenhouses, applying our team’s expert knowledge at every stage of the production process, from concept and design to engineering, manufacturing and construction. When you choose Winter Gardenz, you’ll enjoy a range of features such as:

  • Clear 6mm UV Stable Twin-wall Premium Grade Polycarbonate
  • Higher thermal efficiency than glass
  • A 10-year quality guarantee that protects against breakage and discolouration
  • Safe, secure and virtually unbreakable
  • UV protection on both sides
  • A 150 km/h wind rating
  • Strong, durable, powder coated aluminium frame in matt black
  • Gutters for rain catchment
  • Optional features like shelving, Autovent openers and side wall louvres
  • Smooth sliding doors with optional screen doors to provide additional ventilation
  • Insulation to keep the warmth in and the frost out
  • Light diffusion to avoid burned plants and encourage healthy seedlings

We invite you to browse our range of greenhouses and greenhouse accessories either online or in store. Our experienced team members are always on hand to offer advice and answer any questions you may have.

Who we are

We are a New Zealand-born, family-owned business passionate about gardening. Since 2007, we have designed a range of award-winning greenhouses, shade houses and more to help protect your plants from the unpredictable – and often harsh – weather conditions Australia is so famous for. All of our products are manufactured, packed and shipped right here in Australia. Throughout our years of operation, we have won multiple industry awards and have honed our design process to ensure all of our products are manufactured to the highest possible standards. Apart from our unparalleled product design and top quality materials, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service.

Purchase your polycarbonate greenhouse today

Browse our range and find the polycarbonate greenhouse you’ve been dreaming of today – place your order online, via mail, or over the phone. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to view our products in person before committing, we encourage you to visit one of our many stockists located in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania.