Collection: 10ft Wide Glasshouse

The 10ft wide model comes with a single sliding door, and is 3220mm wide.  It is a great height and width greenhouse for the avid home gardener and can also be used for entertaining. 

The longer sizes can serve a dual purpose of growing and entertaining.  3-tier shelving down both sides of the greenhouse is a popular configuration for this size.  With the larger sizes (10x16 and up), you could do shelving down both sides on one section and leave it out in the other section if you wanted more room for table/chairs.

If you are growing in the hottest months inside the greenhouse, we recommend getting a shade cover and side wall louvres.  1 side wall louvre per 2 roof vents is our recommended configuration.

And 10x10ft glasshouse can comfortably yield year-round greens for 3-6 people.  An 10x20 or 10x24 glasshouse can afford a growing and small entertaining/reading/sitting space. 

  • 2x smooth sliding glass doors on roller castors with stainless steel bearings. Optional screen doors available for extra ventilation
  • Manual opening, lockable roof vents. Auto vent openers and louvre vent kits are also available as an add-on.
  • Foundation mounting kits included
  • All greenhouses come with gutters for rain catchment, with 2 elbows on one side that can be connected to a water tank.  They fit a standard 19mm irrigation pipe.