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Aquaponics 550 Litre Farming Kit

Aquaponics 550 Litre Farming Kit

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The Aquaponic 550 Litre Farm Kits come in two different packages. Single (Kit 1), Double (Kit 2). Each unit includes a 550 litre Fish Tank. These garden beds can be configured depending on your space.

Each package comes with everything you need and come in a range of different colours. 

Australian Made and Owned, these amazing systems are molded right here in Australia, using durable non-toxic plastics.

Each kit contains the following:

  • Aquaponics Fish Tub - 1 x 550L (1500x900x600H) 
  • Aquaponics Grow Bed/s* - 270L (1500x900x250H)
  • Aquaponics Grow Beds support table/s*- (1200x900)
  • Hydroponic Growing Clay Balls* 
  • Water Pump- 2000L/HR
  • Water Pump Filter Bag
  • Hydroponic Timer 
  • Heavy Duty Aquaponics Heater
  • API Freshwater Test Kit 
  • Aquaponics School and Home Learning Course
  • All Tubing and Fittings

* Kit 1 contains a single Grow Bed and support table

* Kit 2 contains two Grow Beds and two support tables

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