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Solar Eco Farm

Solar Eco Farm

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This Solar Eco Farm is 100% designed and manufactured right here in Victoria, making it 100% Australian designed, made & owned. It is the only vertical growing system of its kind manufactured in Australia and has features not offered by any other vertical planter. 

It's perfect for gardeners of all levels and features improved design and efficient watering without flooding or blockages. 

The complete growing system includes custom designed Verti Gro Australia planters, nutrients & fertiliser pack, coconut coir and solar pump & panel.

The system is customisable and can be expanded with additional units without modifications, the solar panel is strong enough to power 2 additional towers.

The 60L base tank is durable and can be dressed up to blend with your garden. The tower stands 1.5m high and a single Eco Farm comes with 20 large plant pods.

The solar panel requires as little as 2 hours of sun a day and the supplied coconut coir retains moisture to prevent plants from drying out. 

Solar Eco Farm Features: 

  • Save money & time buying a complete system;
  • Curved planter edges preventing plants from creasing and breaking over a sharp edge, with wider, deeper growing pods designed for maximum root growth;
  • Planter pot designed to water completely internally, with no water running on top of your plants, seeds or seedlings. Even watering guaranteed! 
  • Even watering throughout each pot opening and tier, no matter what you’re growing;
  • Stronger, more durable planters that will last for years with increased wall thickness;
  • Increased UV protection specifically designed to withstand the extreme Australian conditions;
  • Modern colours to suit your home & garden, with charcoal planters made from 100% recycled plastic;
  • Easy to follow instructions for set up and maintenance provided, as well as phone support if required.
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