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Automatic Vent Opener

Automatic Vent Opener

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AV01 Residential Roof vent, suitable for a backyard greenhouse. Lifts up to 14kg.

Automatically openening and closing at certain temperatures, vent openers are a great way to control temperature in a greenhouse without the need for electricity. Each of our different vent openers open up when temperatures reach a minimum of between 17 and 24 degrees celcius (the range is adustable) using a temperature-sensitve wax mechanism. They stay open until the temperature cools down to below that 17-24 degree range. Depending on the window load that the vent is opening, our size range has you covered from the smallest residential roof vent opener, to side louvre openers, to large commercial roof vent openers that can withstand strong winds.

These vent openers are the perfect hassle-free, non-electric solution to temperature regulation and airflow for your greenhouse.

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